Harmonisation acts

Further interpretation of the requirements is discussed for harmonisation (albeit anonymously) in the Technical Committee meetings. The document Procedure for Harmonisation acts discusses how harmonisation topics are put on the agenda and how harmonisation acts are taken. If an organisation does not agree with the Ladder CI's interpretation of a requirement, the company may ask its Ladder CI to put the subject of the difference of interpretation on the agenda for harmonisation for the next Technical Committee.

Below you will find the harmonisation acts for Handbook 3.1.

  • 1. Harmonisation act business travel scope 3 save_alt
  • 2. Harmonisation act ISO 50001 save_alt
  • 3. Harmonisation act year emission factors and recalculation save_alt
  • 4. Harmonisation act aviation emissions reduction through participation in renewable fuels program (revised) save_alt
  • 5. Harmonisation act size category CPT companies save_alt
  • 6. Harmonisation act validity period save_alt
  • 7. Harmonisation act correct scope biogas save_alt
  • 8. Harmonisation act emission factor for green electricity from biomass save_alt
  • 9. Harmonisation act entity that becomes the certificate holder save_alt